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Christmas Gift
Watanuki didn't have much money for Doumeki's gift. He'd already bought Yuuko the best label of alcohol he could relatively afford (and even so, that was much cheaper than the lowest brand she sometimes bought with her sake money). For Himawari-chan he had purchased an in-store discount card for that cake shop she so enjoyed. He'd been stumped for the Zashiki Warashi, and had resorted to begging Yuuko for help. Paying for the mirror that allowed her to relive any one moment she chose once had added considerably to his debt, but in the end Watanuki felt it was worth it.
But Doumeki...would it be too cheap to give him food for Christmas? Watanuki thought so, since he was always giving that gluttonous boy food. And he didn't need him getting fat either, since that made it that much more difficult for him to get the hell out of the way when a particularly strong spirit was after Watanuki.
This Christmas seemed special in some way to the blue-eyed boy. Something seemed to be in the air, and
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Bibliophile's 10 Commandments
1. Thou shall not burn books
2. Thou shall not get books damp
3. Thou shall not color in a book not made for that purpose
4. Thou shall not rip, tear, or rend a book
5. Thou shall not stand on a book
6. Thou shall not use a book as a weapon, unless it’s a text book
7. Thou shall not bend the book pages
8. Thou shall not eat a book
9. Thou shall not kick a book
10. Thou shall always be respectful toward books
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Flower and Baby by popkin16 Flower and Baby :iconpopkin16:popkin16 1 86 Duck Watch by popkin16 Duck Watch :iconpopkin16:popkin16 2 69 Book Cover by popkin16 Book Cover :iconpopkin16:popkin16 3 28
A World of Darkness 10
I HATE THIS CHAPTER!! It sucks, and I can't think of anything to make it better.

Chapter Ten
Hermione wrapped her cloak more securely around her. Her hair blew in the night wind, and she brushed it back impatiently. The vampire that stood next to her - Stefan, Hermione recalled - seemed unbothered by the cold air. He remained completely still in the shadows of the tree, and if Hermione hadn't seen him disappear into the shadows, she'd never of known he was there. Shivering, Hermione turned her attention away from her personal guard and back to the Blues silently making their way through the woods.
The King had insisted that Hermione stay a safe distance away from the fighting, that she has an invisibility and notice-me-not spell cast on her. He was taking no chances where her safety was concerned, and made it quite clear that she had to deal with the precautions or not go at all. Hermione knew this was all for her own good - and truth be told, she was rather r
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A World of Darkness 8
Disclaimer: Nothing you recognize from the Harry Potter books is mine.
Chapter Eight
Cosimo smiled and moved to take one of the three empty seats closest to the door. The center of the throne room was full of vampires sitting around a circular table. The King and Queen sat facing the door, their faces grim and pale in the flickering light. The room was even more creepy than it had been before, with only the table lit. Everyone's head was turned toward Hermione and her Professor, waiting for them to make a move. Finally, Snape impatiently grabbed Hermione's hand and almost dragged her to the table. Snape settled in next to Cosimo, leaving Hermione to take the seat next to Apraxin. A quick glance at her was all of Apraxin's acknowledgement before staring straight ahead at the King and Queen.
Hermione sighed and settled into the chair situated between two of the most confusing men she knew. The King cleared his throat and welcomed them all in a quiet but a well carried voice
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Remember When...
We sang into those water bottles late at night? We sang, “What’s Your Name” by Lynard Skynard.
We threw that sock at the ceiling fan repeatedly and watched as if flew across the room?
The little oven made of iron on your shelf, and how you thought it said,, “Queer Oven” rather than “Queen Oven”?
We took the entire box of puppy chow (not the dog food) into your room and ate it all?
We cracked jokes during the movie “Boogeyman” and laughed rather than screamed?
We played “Resident Evil Zero” and screamed sooooo loud? I’m still surprised the neighbors didn’t call the police. We’d crack jokes about Billy’s “big gun” and how Rebecca wanted to stroke it? We’d narrate “Resident Evil Zero” for Billy and Rebecca, and we’d say, “Resident Evil…Zero” in unison? How we would joke that Rebecca wanted Billy’s man-babies and We’d scream whe
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Mature content
A World of Darkness 7 :iconpopkin16:popkin16 4 86
Unlocked Secrets
                                                                Unlocked Secrets
The door was wooden and covered in ivy. The handle was rusted, and the hinges creaked as I tried to open it. I wondered what the door hid, and I was impatient to find out. Suddenly I remembered the mysterious key I'd received in the mail the day before. Digging into my pockets, I grabbed the key and inserted the key into the lock. Holding my breath, I turned it only to realize it won't turn. Disappointed, I spun on my heels and began the walk home.
A quiet creaking from behind caught my attention, and I whipped around to see the door swing open. The space beyond the doorway was hooded in da
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Mature content
A World of Darkness 6 :iconpopkin16:popkin16 6 38
Stick Animals, beware... by popkin16 Stick Animals, beware... :iconpopkin16:popkin16 2 14
A World of Darkness 5
IMPORTANT: I realize quite a few of you are bored so far. I just have to set up the Vampire world and explain some things about Vampires before continuing. Please, stick with me!
Chapter Five
Hermione had to force herself away from the private diary to eat her lunch. After being prodded for quite some time by a grumpy, hassled looking Retainer, she managed to pull herself out of the book and sit down for a nice lunch of hot soup. Her eyes kept straying to the book waiting for her on the table, but Hermione wouldn't chance spilling something on it. Instead, she went over what she had just read in her head, hoping to commit it to memory.
After awhile, Hermione finished her soup and returned to her book. The great King Cael had been a fierce fighter, and quite the ladies man. According to his journal, there was nary a woman who could refuse him their body. His life has been pretty straightforward from the beginning of the journal - until he met Zoe. Zoe was the illegitimate
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A World of Darkness 4
Disclaimer: I own nothing!
I did explain why it took so long to start posting, didn't I? If I didn't I'll do so in the next chapter. Unless I have loads of notes in the next chapter.

Chapter Four
Professor Snape pushed Hermione away from him with a quick, jerky motion. He looked disgusted, and Hermione couldn't help but think it was because he didn't like touching her. Hermione brushed non-existant dirt off her pants, attempting to buy time so she could get her thoughts and feelings together. Professor Snape's the go-between! I wonder if this means he's a vampire? But what about the time he referee'd the quidditch in the daytime? Thinking was only causing more confusion, so Hermione braced herself and straightened up.
Snape was watching her intently with his dark eyes. His face was like stone - unreadable and blank. Hermione had never had all his attention centered on her at once, and she found it disconcerting, to put it mildly. She wished he would look somewhere
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Scary Me by popkin16 Scary Me :iconpopkin16:popkin16 4 30
Mature content
A World of Darkness 3 :iconpopkin16:popkin16 5 56


SGA Mcshep Wall by Mad-lynn SGA Mcshep Wall :iconmad-lynn:Mad-lynn 5 0 paint it black by clockwork-moon paint it black :iconclockwork-moon:clockwork-moon 34 8 Get Well Soon - McShep chibis by Gnine Get Well Soon - McShep chibis :icongnine:Gnine 18 14 McShep by Catzen McShep :iconcatzen:Catzen 7 4 McShep wp by Caes-Doodles McShep wp :iconcaes-doodles:Caes-Doodles 7 2 Mcshep 02 by marlislash Mcshep 02 :iconmarlislash:marlislash 10 0 McShep 2, SGA by Lorien79 McShep 2, SGA :iconlorien79:Lorien79 21 0 McShep Gate by WolfenM McShep Gate :iconwolfenm:WolfenM 29 5 Garden of McShep by Saldemonium Garden of McShep :iconsaldemonium:Saldemonium 18 1 Old McShep for tammalee by foxysquid Old McShep for tammalee :iconfoxysquid:foxysquid 26 24 McShep Love by feyuca McShep Love :iconfeyuca:feyuca 24 29 McShep Stamp by Saldemonium McShep Stamp :iconsaldemonium:Saldemonium 15 3 Cubee - Rodney McKay by CyberDrone Cubee - Rodney McKay :iconcyberdrone:CyberDrone 19 10 -Jerkbending- by EmpressFunk -Jerkbending- :iconempressfunk:EmpressFunk 425 110 sk8r boiz zuko and sokka by Go-Devil-Dante sk8r boiz zuko and sokka :icongo-devil-dante:Go-Devil-Dante 13,068 2,263 Wraith Hunters by kheelan Wraith Hunters :iconkheelan:kheelan 238 34


Journal skins are yay!

Tue Nov 10, 2009, 3:55 PM

It's only temporary of course (until November 29th), but I thought, why not take advantage while I can?

I wish DA was like LJ where people with free accounts can also customize their journals, but I suppose if they give that to free members, there will be less incentive for people to actually subscribe to the site. :shrug:

How is everyone doing, by the way? My school is trying to screw me over, so I'm currently panicking. Other than that, I could be better :XD: I hope everyone's doing better than I am >.<

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